Hello world!

Well, why not? Even if Lincoln said it best: “The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here…”, our little blogs on WordPress serve some higher purpose, known not even to ourselves at times. Between Twitter and Tolstoy, there must be some number of words sufficient to encircle a life. Ah, but even quiet lives may defy circumscription!

So, I admit I don’t know yet how to manage a blog, much less how to put a life in order. The parameters of mine are this: I sit surrounded by sewing machines, both general and specialized: all allies in making fabric creations and teaching others to create. I love to synthesize machine and handwork, especially knitting. So expect musings on the process of creating. I also nurture the rebirth of my singing voice, mysteriously absent for many years. What joy to literally channel the voices of great composers! My goal is to regain as much professionalism as possible while preparing to give a recital in March 2012 on my  60th birthday. This blog will also chart that journey, and I welcome comments from all who set themselves artistic challenges on a deadline.

Some posts will be musical, some will be material, and some will be surprising, such as:

  • the world’s strangest museum–in Switzerland!
  • how French farmers play Monopoly
  • opera singers I have known and fed
  • my Maestro was a Morgan horse
  • mothering, not smothering, an independent artist (suggestions welcome)

So thank you to any and all who find this space. I promise to do my best not to bore.

Malou (Mary Beth Loup)


About madebymalou

About to enter my 60's, I hope finally to round up all my diverse interests in one place. Long ago I was a classically trained singer; age and illness took away my voice. I filled the void with motherhood and crafts. Lately by some mysterious grace, I've found my voice again. So I'll be writing about singing as well as sewing. Reminiscing about the nomadic life of opera singers; responding to artist-daughter's bold visions. And hopefully growing always, in how I think, and feel, and sew, and sing.
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